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Women Leader's Journey to Board Directorship

The fourth run of our ‘Journey to Board Directorship’ series was a special one, reserved exclusively for women leaders as part of our small contribution to champion more diversity in SIngapore’s boardroom. We gathered ~30 women leaders at the Visa University to meet and hear from 8 board directors leading the session. Held under the Chatham House Rule, the ladies were given the opportunity to ask candid and practical questions - how to start their journeys, how to juggle a board role whilst still in a corporate career, what’s the best time to start..and the list goes on. With a spotlight on the significance of board diversity, the women leaders had the invaluable opportunity to connect with seasoned Board Directors, gaining first hand insights into the beginnings of their personal board journeys and receive invaluable advice as aspiring board members.

Last December, the Council for Board Diversity Singapore issued a report indicating that female board representation in the top 100 listed companies in Singapore stood at 21.5%. However, this number is likely even lower when considering all 600+ listed companies. We hope that the numbers will continue to rise, with more boards taking action.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our esteemed Board speakers:

  • Audrey Kuah

  • Carmen Wee

  • Huey Tyng Ooi

  • Mary Yeo

  • Mui Hoon Poh

and the supportive men who stood with us as allies:

  • Abu Bakar Mohd

  • Max Loh

  • Philip Forrest AM

Their candid and insightful sharing left a lasting impact on all of us. We also acknowledge our Patrons - Havas and Mediacorp, Visa for hosting us and Boardagender for collaborating with us.


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