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QED Leadership Journey Series: Honour in Leadership on 15 September 2023

An individual leader can champion Honour, which becomes principles that influence and permeate the immediate familial domain. Vice versa, family values shape individuals who go on to become leaders, in the community, organization, and nation. An organization

culture could positively impact the community it serves. Collectively, these domains lay the groundwork for a globally impactful legacy.

We sought to translate this philosophical framework into actionable approaches,

by convening 50 leading CXOs and Board Directors on 15 September 2023 around the topic of ‘Honouring Leadership: Building Lives & Businesses that Matter', led by Mr. Lim Siong Guan.

These post session notes outline the contributing ideas from the leaders on infusing

honour across the five domains and aims to both inspire and be a guide on how honour

can be infused at every level, from personal interactions to national policy.

Download PDF • 1.21MB


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