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11th QED Changemaker Forum explores the HOW in Leading Corporate Sustainability

If corporate sustainability was a sandwich, governance is the bread that wedges the elements of Environment and Social together, which is why we structured the discussion at the 11th QED Changemaker Forum to focus on two perspectives ‘Social-Governance’ and ‘Environment-Governance’ with an emphasis on the how, and the approaches or solutions.

Held at the Singapore Expo courtesy of our venue partner Constellar, we convened ~75 C-suiters and Board directors from different sectors and across functions to exchange views and learnings around the opportunities and solutions they’ve encountered in the Social and Environment aspects with Governance undergirding them.

We would like to extend our thanks to our panel speakers for warming up the conversation:

  • Betul Genc (SVP & Head of Adecco ASEAN, The Adecco Group)

  • Terrence Yong (General Manager Asia Pacific, Visier)

  • Dr Hsien-Hsien Lei (Chief Executive Officer, The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore)

  • Jeffery Tam (General Counsel, Chief Sustainability Officer and Director of Group Legal & Corporate Affairs, Jardine Cycle & Carriage Limited)

  • Elangovan Karuppiah (Former CEO, Regional Solutions & Services Middle East / Asia-Pacific at Siemens Smart Infrastructure)

  • Isabelle Huang-Loh (Chairman, Singapore Environment Council)

A big thanks also to our Strategic Partners - The Adecco Group and Visier, our Patrons - Mediacorp, RedHat and Workforce Singapore as well as our venue partner - Constellar and all the senior leaders who attended and participated enthusiastically in the roundtable discussions.


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