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Business Resilience in a Shifting Landscape

We live in an era of unprecedented changes defined by
geopolitical strife, wars, escalating technological breakthroughs, and the ever-looming threats of climate change and cyberattacks.
These interconnected challenges, exacerbated by ongoing talent shortages and the rapid unprecedented evolution of customer expectations have engendered an environment of volatility and uncertainty for businesses.


Therefore, businesses now find themselves at a crossroads, having to navigate a complex web of risks that demand urgent attention.

Due to the emergence of this new reality, a fundamental shift in perspective has also become imperative; building business resilience is no longer a luxury but an essential prerequisite for survival and sustained success. Businesses must actively embrace change at this time and adapt to unforeseen circumstances to thrive in the face of disruption.

To take on these unprecedented changes, QED will
be hosting the 13th QED Changemaker Forum, a first-of-its-kind night business conference, providing senior leaders, C-Suiters, and Board Directors an exclusive platform to convene and collaboratively chart a path toward a resilient future.


This forum offers various valuable learning opportunities such as acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the evolving business landscapes, sharing from various industry experts and leaders, and roundtable discussions with like-minded peers.


Through attending the forum, businesses would be able to better equip themselves to not only survive but thrive amidst the evolving business landscapes.


Onsite Closed-Door Dialogue

@ Night Safari

9 May, 3.30pm - 9.00pm



Closed-Door Dialogue 

Global Challenges Panel

Belina Lee.jpeg

Belina Lee

Chief Executive Officer,

Mandai X

Deputy CEO,

Transformation & Growth

Mandai Wildlife Group

Jayme Metcalfe.jpeg

Jayme Metcalfe

Partner, Digital Solutions,


Dr Shashi Jayakumar.jpeg

Dr. Shashi Jayakumar

Adjunct Fellow,
Center for Strategic and International Studies


Executive Director,
SJK Geostrategic Advisory Pte Ltd

Practical Strategies Panel

8. Abu Bakar Mohd Nor.png

Abu Bakar Mohd Nor


WSH Council

Board Member


betul genc.jpeg

Betul Genc

SVP and Head of ASEAN,


MeiMaySoo_Headshot (LinkedIn).jpeg

Mei May Soo

Chief of AI, Global Presales,
Dell Technologies


Guna pic with fedora.jpg

Guna Chellappan

General Manager, Singapore,

Red Hat




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